Monday, September 27, 2010

Upcoming improvements

Portaball has been out for a couple of days now. It's not extremely popular, it's hard to say it's even popular ;) Tomorrow it will most likely reach 300 copies sold. Not too much, considering I spent last three days pushing my marketing skills to the limit. I don't give up though. I received a lot of positive feedback, I'm grateful!

One of the biggest requested feature was sound effects. I've spent many hours digging trough free sfx libraries with little success. Nothing seems to fit my needs, but I keep going. I added few test samples to project and it made some difference.

What's more? Least portals challenge! This one is gonna take some thinking especially on later levels. I haven't tried to do my best yet, this will be fun! During development I wasn't creating levels with 'golden paths' in mind, I was just randomly checking if level is completable.

With this challenge comes another big hit: Game Center integration! Those having Game Center account will be able to compete globally on Least Portals leaderboard. You will finally be able to show all your friends who's genuine mastermind. Additionally Portaball will receive achievements enabling yet another way to distinguish yourself.

I'm really looking forward to releasing this update!


  1. Hey there! I like the game and already "star'd" you :) i hope it will be a popular game ;)!
    As you wrote, just fx and music is really missing!

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks a lot! I'm almost done with this update, two more days of work at most. I do not plan music however, I'll allow iPod music to come through. Finding good sounds effects was really hard, I don't even want to start thinking what it's like to look for proper music...

    For me the biggest hit are achievements and leaderboard. Even though I've finished all levels hundreds of times, I still enjoy doing them to max out score or to test those achievements. Lots of fun!