Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Level designing

It's been two weeks since I've started designing new levels for next version of Portaball. Till today I've managed to invent 22 puzzles, my goal is 30. It's surprising how hard it is to come up with something really difficult. So far there has been only few levels that made me astonished with my creativity ;). I'm still planning to make some really hard levels, I've gotten few requests for those. Yet again, I can't just sit down and draw something extraordinary, it doesn't work this way. The great idea comes up unexpectedly, it strikes with its ingeniousness. Sadly it doesn't happen as often as I want it to.

Every single level is hand drawn on a piece of paper. It allows me to alter it a little bit if needed. Here's a picture of one of the new levels:

As you can see it's just a simple layout, not a masterpiece. However, it is deadly useful. I often draw numbers on walls, they correspond to each portal I have to place in game, in order to finish level. Sometimes it's really helpful, especially when I'm trying to complete level I've designed few days back and I have completely no idea how to solve it. At least I know it's a good level!

Here's how the same level looks in game (rescaled Retina version - not so crispy):

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