Friday, October 29, 2010

First month of Portaball

It's one month already! I'm satisfied with results so far. My realistic goal of Portaball sales was crossing 1000 copies in couple of months. It turned out Portaball was downloaded 1352 times in those 30 days. I think it's a success. Obviously, I dreamed of achieving mighty 1,000,000 but I still got time for that. Some day, for sure!

I'm more than pleased to notice that those who play Portaball, seem to enjoy it. Portaball was reviewed by three quite big sites and received satisfying grades. Plenty of AppStore reviews are also praising. As of today, current version of Portaball is marked as 5 stars in UK AppStore and I'm not using any 'If you like it, please award 5 stars' pop-up, although I'm probably going to.

As of recently increased Game Center activity, those numbers have also improved. So far, 21 players got less than 1000 portals in 'Least Portals' challenge, apparently it's getting some momentum. However, I'm going to add a less demanding achievement for this one. The easiest one is currently 600 portals, only 13 players achieved it so far. Adding a 1200 one would pull some attraction towards this leaderboard.

Looking forward, I've started working on new update. It will feature new levels, I plan to create 30 of them. The thing is, it's really hard to come up with something difficult and challenging. I've got 11 so far, I'll keep going.

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